Interceptor 007: the ship that recovers plastics before reaching the ocean

Interceptor 007: el buque que recupera plásticos antes de llegar al océano
7 November, 2022

At a time when the anti-plastic rage seems to be stronger than ever, it is worth remembering that the real enemy is not this material, but poor waste management policies. California has taken actions that go beyond speech to deal with the pollution of the seas

Los Angeles County unveiled a 73-foot floating barge in early October that automatically collects debris from the shoreline before it floats out into the ocean. The vessel is called Trash Interceptor 007 and has been developed by The Ocean Cleanup.

After years of planning, the Dutch nonprofit organization famous for cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has reached an agreement with Los Angeles County to install Interceptor 007 in Ballona Creek.

“Of course California’s beaches and coastal waters are famous all over the world for being beautiful, but unfortunately, especially after the rain, there are tons and tons of garbage strewn about, so I hope that doesn’t happen again in the future.” future,” said Boyan Slat, creator and CEO of the Ocean Cleanup.

Recover waste before it enters the oceans

On October 6, Ocean Cleanup produced a live broadcast showing the state-of-the-art Interceptor 007 being towed from a Navy base in Long Beach, California to its permanent home protecting some of California’s most iconic beaches.

The 5+ hour live stream featured updates from Founder and CEO Boyan Slat, as well as a look at future ocean cleanup technology and logistical plans to continue efforts to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The machine was created in the Netherlands.

A problem that goes beyond plastics

Each year, between 30 and 60 tons of trash enters Ballona Creek, carried by runoff from city streets. The County has invested in numerous ways to protect local rivers, lakes and oceans from pollution, including bans on single-use plastics, installation of stormwater filters and diversions, and culturally competent public outreach efforts.

The problem, local authorities warn, is aggravated by the culture of poor waste management and the lack of environmental awareness. With the Interceptor 007, it is expected to advance the actions to keep ocean waters clean.

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