How to optimize energy savings with extrusion gear pumps

8 February, 2024

These devices make it possible to reduce the overall energy load for the extrusion line and minimize the amount of material required for the product.

Extrusion gear pumps play a key role in optimizing energy savings in industrial processes. These pumps are essential components in extrusion systems, especially in the manufacturing of plastics and polymers.

At a time when high energy prices represent significant challenges for companies, the Plastics Industry struggles to increase performance and reduce energy consumption, the gear pump is emerging as an ecological solution that has been proven to reduce the burden of overall energy for the extrusion line while minimizing the amount of material required for the product

What are extrusion gear pumps?

They are positive displacement devices that consist of gears placed inside bearings and a closed housing. They generate a constant and controlled flow of material through the extrusion system.

They are essential in the controlled and precise delivery of viscous materials, such as molten polymers, from one point to another in the extrusion process.

These are 5 ways gear pumps contribute to energy savings in the extrusion process:

1. Less waste

These devices allow the use of 100% of the crushed material without compromising production consistency and minimizing waste.

2. Speed and Flow Adjustment

The ability of these pumps to precisely adjust speed and flow allows them to adapt to variations in process demand. This avoids constant operation at maximum capacity, which leads to significant energy savings.

3. Lower energy requirement

By increasing the pressure before the melted plastic reaches the die, the gear pump allows the extruder to process the same volume, or often more, at fewer revolutions per minute (RPM). This translates into less energy needed to produce a specific volume of output.

4. Speed and Flow Adjustment

They allow the speed and flow to be adjusted precisely to adapt to variations in process demand. This avoids constant operation at maximum capacity, which leads to significant energy savings.

5. Reduction of Friction Losses

Extrusion gear pumps are designed to minimize internal friction. This results in reduced energy loss during material transfer, improving overall system efficiency.

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