Stratasys Launches J5 DentaJet 3D Printer for Dental Solutions

Stratasys lanza la impresora 3D J5
29 April, 2021

The new J5 DentaJet printer can produce at least five times more teeth in a single mixed tray than traditional 3D printers

Additive manufacturing is completely transforming different industries and more and more large companies are joining this model. For the dental industry, Stratasys Ltd., introduced J5 DentaJet, a 3D printer that provides dental labs with 3D printing efficiency combined with PolyJet precision.

The J5DentaJet printer is the only multi-material dental 3D printer that enables technicians to load mixed trays of teeth.

According to Stratasys in a statement, the new model can produce at least five times more teeth in a single mixed tray than traditional 3D printers, yet its compact size consumes only 4.6 square feet of floor space.

3D printing in dentistry

Additive manufacturing is already implemented in a large number of industries and sectors. The advantages it offers are related to productivity, costs, customization and better lead times. In dentistry it also facilitates the adaptation of solutions to each patient.

Currently, dental laboratories must produce various parts in various materials for removable partial denture (RPD) applications or dental implant cases. For example, each implant cage comprises an upper and lower rigid opaque cast, a soft gingiva mask, and a biocompatible surgical guide.

This requires three different materials, forcing technicians to use multiple 3D printers or make separate 3D prints with different materials. The J5 DentaJet easily handles up to five materials, including support material.

The multi-color, multi-material J5 DentaJet also produces lifelike 3D printed case presentations and designs can be produced digitally in a few hours. The high resolution of PolyJet materials means that dentists can place crowns and bridges in minutes with model accuracy of 18.75 microns, or less than half the width of a human hair.

This printer is released with a full range of resins designed to meet the needs of the dental industry. Available biocompatible resins include a clear, opaque white VeroGlaze resin for temporary placement in the mouth and a clear, flexible resin.

These and other reusable products will be available at Chinaplas 2021.

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