Recycling plastics reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%

Reciclaje de plásticos reduce hasta un 90% las emisiones de carbono
22 June, 2021

Carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 90% in the case of PET thanks to the use of recycled resin

Reducing carbon emissions is as pressing as tackling the problem of waste. A recent ALPLA report found that recycling plastics reduces carbon emissions by up to 90% against virgin material.

ALPLA specified that carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 90% in the case of PET thanks to the use of recycled resin. This factor, he notes, can change with other resin alternatives, but in most cases the benefit is substantial.

In this regard, Humberto Quiroz, Regional Director of Purchasing and Sustainability for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean of ALPLA, pointed out that “the numbers are clear, recycling plastics to produce plastic packaging significantly reduces polluting emissions, and not only that, but which also promotes new economic cooperation schemes in society to generate greater environmental awareness ”.

The importance of recycling plastics in the Industry

During his participation in the IMEF 2021 National Forum, organized by the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives, the manager addressed the importance of the circular economy and sustainable models within industries, and noted that ALPLA has undertaken a global effort to reduce their carbon emissions and thus align with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Commitment 2025, through which they will achieve that by that year, 100% of the packaging produced by the company is recyclable, in addition to using a minimum percentage of 25% of recycled material in their packaging.

“The IMER recycling plant, located in Toluca, State of Mexico, has been the spearhead in terms of sustainability within the country, since since 2005 and to date, approximately 240,000 thousand tons of PET have been processed, in addition to We work hand in hand with various social sectors to collect, transport and process plastic bottles before they reach our hands ”, he commented.

He also announced that very soon the start-up of operations for the new HDPE recycling plant will begin, which will be located in Toluca and will process more than 19,000 tons of HDPE bottles with expansion possibilities, if the market requires it.

Fight against the stigma towards plastics

Quiroz pointed out that there is currently a generalized stigmatization around plastic products, so it is essential that both governments, companies and citizens, revalue the material for its benefits, and take into account that there are models in which these materials can be reincorporated to the production lines, since once they are used they do not have to become waste, but are raw material that can extend their life cycle and continue to be useful to create different products, without damaging the environment.

“At ALPLA we want to change people’s minds, because only by reincorporating plastics into circular production models can we save the planet. We are convinced that we can achieve it, and that is why we invite all people to join us so that we can live a circular life together ”, he concluded.

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