Launch of a new pyrolytic carbon black masterbatch from tires

masterbatch negro
14 September, 2021

Low volume masterbatches, such as the one developed by Germany’s Rowa Masterbatch, have become important developments in the Plastics Industry in reducing the use of fossil resources.

Rowa Masterbatch from Germany has presented a new carbon black masterbatch, EcoPA-B095A BLACK rCB, a material obtained by pyrolysis, a thermal process in which used tires are heated between 250 and 750 ° C in the absence of oxygen and subsequently decomposed into smaller molecules.

The Plastic Industry is increasingly promoting research to reduce the use of fossil resources, so the development of masternatches from pyrolysis have become key to sustainability.

This process typically produces a highly aromatic pyrolysis oil (45%), crude pyrolysis carbon black (≈ 33%), recycled steel (≈ 12%), and a non-condensable hydrocarbon gas (≈ 10%).

Notably, through crushing and granulation, the crude pyrolysis carbon black can be processed into recovered carbon black and treated as required for masterbatch use. Additionally, the carrier resin is based on post-industrial recycled polyamide.

The new black masterbatch is suitable for applications in automotive engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, construction, and sports and leisure products.

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