Impact Copolymer Polypropylene Resins for Rigid, Thin-Walled Containers

Resinas de Polipropileno de copolímero
11 May, 2021

These ICP grades provide molded parts that feature low shrinkage, improved heat resistance (HDT)

SOCAR Polymer introduced two new grades of Impact Copolymer Polypropylene (ICP) resins, the first in its portfolio to incorporate Milliken Chemical’s Hyperform® HPN® performance additive for Polypropylene (PP).

The new Impact Copolymer Polypropylene grades can be used in thin-wall injection molded (TWIM) packaging applications such as lids, closures and opaque containers, as well as in various household items, sporting goods and toys.

The two new grades are CB 4848 MO (with a melt index of 48) and CB 6448 MO (with a melt index of 64), which are the most common melt flow indices for ICPs. Both offer a balance of end-use properties. These ICP grades provide molded parts that feature low shrinkage, improved thermal resistance (HDT), and an excellent balance between stiffness and impact resistance.

The company claims that due to their fluidity, the two different grades allow converters to process faster, while allowing newer and older injection molding machines to process material efficiently.

SOCAR Polymer highlights that these new grades advance their goal of providing customers with heterophasic copolymer reactor grades that do not use organic peroxides and adhere to SOCAR Polymer’s zero phthalate philosophy, meaning no catalysts or chemicals are used. containing phthalate compounds at any stage of production. At the same time, the resulting products offer rigidity and dimensional stability.

The use of Hyperform in the ICP formulation also aids processability by helping to boost the productivity of the converters by reducing cycle times, while improving their sustainability by reducing energy use.

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